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          Moirabari College has a general library containing more than six thousand books and having spacious reading rooms for the students and the teachers. It subscribes to a number of local and national newspapers and journals. The general library has been partly computerized. ln addition to the general library, all the departments of the college have separate departmental libraries. Book bank facility is available in the central library. Students of H.S. and T D.C. (General) classes can borrow 2 books for 15 days from the general library. T.DC. students having major can borrow 4 books at a time. Penalty @ 50 paise per day shall be charged for every book kept beyond the stipulated date of return. Students should return the library books before the declaration of the result of Test Examinations failing which their results will be kept withheld. Separate rules are formulated by the respective departments for issuing books from the departmental libraries.



          The community information centre, Moirabari has been installed in one of the rooms of the college in 2002, (15th July) with the supervision of NIC (National Information Centre) and MINT (Ministry of Information and Communication Technology). It offers various computer courses and facilities like internet, e-mail etc. Interested students may avail of the facilities by paying nominal fees.



          The Geography Dept. of the college has a well-equipped departmental laboratory.



          Moirabari College Students' Union is the general body of students of the college and all the students are members of the union. Office bearers are elected annually as per the constitution of the union. The students seeking to contest the Union Election must attend minimum 75% classes held till the date of notification of Election.



          Some departments of the college organize educational tours to different places of importance. Willing students may join them consulting the teachers concerned.



          The College has an N.S.S. wing, and an N.C.C. wing is going to be opened very shortly which will be run by trained and capable officers. Willing students may contact the respective profs.- in- charge for enlrolment.



          Moirabari College Students' Union has a Students' Aid Fund from which financial asistance within its limits is offered to students belonging to very poor families. To avail of the financial assistance a student will have to apply to the Principal with all supportive documents which will be notified in due time.



          Moirabari College Students' Union publishes a yearly magazine which provides the students and also the staff of the college an opportunity to display their creative talents. In addition to this, there is a general wall magazine and departmental wall magazines which also serve the same purpose.



          The college canteen having facility of aqua guard drinking water offers its service to the students and the staff of the college.



          Non-transferable identity cards will be issued to students of H.S. 1 st year and T.D.C. 1st year classes. The students of other classes will have to renew the identity cards already provided to them and produce them on demand. A student must keep the identity card with him or her during college hours. He/ she must produce the identity card to confirm his or her identity in the Students' Union election. In addition to this, college badges will be provided to the students which every student will have to wear during college hours.



          Apart from the final examinations conducted by the A.H.S.E.C. and G.U., one mid-term and one pre-final examination will be held in each class in each academic session all of which are compulsory. No application seeking exemption from appearing in any internal examination will be entertained.



          Meritorious students are awarded State Merit, National and other scholarships as prescribed by Govt. of Assam.
State Merit Scholarship for students securing 1st Division in H.S.L.C. Examination.
National Merit Scholarship for students securing 1st Division in H.S.S.L.C. Examination.
Post-Merit Scholarship for S/T, S/C, OBC and MOBC students.



For a better teaching-learning experience in the college the following support services are offered:
1. The students securing highest marks in Council and 'University examinations are rewarded.
2. The most regular and punctual students are rewarded.
3. The teachers of the departments which show good results are encouraged by offering certificates of proficiency.
4. Departmental seminars, workshops are organized for the benefit of the students.
5. Quiz competition, debate, extempore speech etc. are held at regular intervals for updating the knowledge of the students.



          There is a parking shed in the college for the students and the college staff for parking bicycles and two - wheelers.



          There are some interdepartmental societies in the college of which students of any department can be members, and which make integrated efforts for maintaining a healthy teaching -learning atmosphere in the college and for bringing about over-all up liftmen of the college.


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